Goal 1

Make ground-breaking discoveries across our multidisciplinary research portfolio

Outcome: Extension of the frontiers of knowledge and global recognition of Canada’s contributions to discovery research

Extending the frontiers of knowledge through science is a uniquely human activity, and one that has transformed our world for the better. According to Canada’s 2017 Fundamental Science Review, “if there is one lesson that we can confidently take from history, it is that science and inquiry are the foundations of progress in almost every human endeavour.”

Canada has a strong reputation for producing breakthrough discovery research, particularly in advancing our understanding of the fundamental particles and forces that have shaped our universe. For more than 50 years, TRIUMF has been a key contributor to Canada’s successes on the world stage — driving global advancements in physics through its world-class facilities, talent, and expertise in leading technologies, including accelerators.

In the ever-changing world of science, transformative discoveries often happen at the interface between disciplines. That’s why TRIUMF is continuing to build a diverse multidisciplinary science portfolio that provides opportunities for cross-fertilization and collaboration. As an incubator for creative ideas and technologies, we are committed to pursuing discoveries across a range of disciplines, from nuclear and particle physics to the life and material sciences.

We will achieve this goal by:

  • Discovering how stardust is made
  • Understanding the origins and evolution of the universe
  • Developing new radiopharmaceuticals to diagnose and treat disease
  • Driving the revolution in quantum materials
  • Leveraging our strength in accelerator science and detector technology
  • Applying data science and machine learning across our portfolio
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Outcome: Increased capacity for world-class, multidisciplinary research and development in Canada