TRIUMF Innovations

TRIUMF Innovations

Translating scientific discovery into commercial opportunities

TRIUMF Innovations Inc. is the business interface and commercialization arm of TRIUMF, acting as a portal into TRIUMF and its network for the private sector world of industry partners, customers, and investors.

Through TRIUMF Innovations, companies can access the multi-disciplinary expertise, world-class infrastructure, and global network at TRIUMF to:

  • Radiation-test new technologies for computing, communications, and aerospace electronics
  • Create life-saving nuclear medicine technologies, including new diagnostics and radiotherapeutic treatments
  • Commercialize particle detector technologies for use in sectors ranging from mining and security to oil and gas
  • Develop and validate new technologies using TRIUMF’s global network of
    top researchers

TRIUMF Innovations’ business team brings new discoveries to market through industry partnerships, licensing, and start-up companies. TRIUMF Innovations identifies, assesses, develops, incubates, and commercializes technologies in collaboration with partners in industry, academia, and government. To date, five spin-off companies have successfully gone to market, with more in the pipeline. TRIUMF Innovations helps navigate business challenges, including intellectual property management, fundraising, and scale up.

A new Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Training Program will equip our people with the skills necessary to accelerate innovation. Through a range of courses, workshops, and individual mentoring programs, TRIUMF Innovations will provide effective, hands-on business training to Canada’s research community.

In addition, TRIUMF Innovations also functions as a hub to connect private sector partners with TRIUMF’s national network of top researchers and institutions. For example, we are working to make new quantum computing tools widely available across multiple sectors, and to establish new training programs to provide job-ready highly-qualified data science personnel for a wide range of industries.

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