Institute for Advanced Medical Isotopes (IAMI)

Institute for Advanced Medical Isotopes (IAMI)

A world-class centre for advanced isotope research and development

The Institute for Advanced Medical Isotopes (IAMI) is a state-of-the-art facility for research into next-generation, life-saving medical isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals. Located on TRIUMF’s campus, it will comprise an integrated series of labs and a TR-24 medical cyclotron, one of the most technologically advanced commercial cyclotrons in the world. IAMI will significantly increase British Columbia’s and Canada’s capacity for the sustainable and reliable production and distribution of medical isotopes currently critical for Canadian health research and clinical use, including Technetium-99m and Fluorine-18.


The new institute will also enhance radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical research by bringing together TRIUMF faculty and students with partners from academia, not-for-profits, government, and industry. Similarly, it will synergize the Vancouver region’s diverse nuclear medicine sector, acting as a research hub and centrally managing the production of radioisotopes and radiotracers for commerce and clinical research. It will give TRIUMF, the University of British Columbia (UBC), BC Cancer, and others, efficient access to leading-edge expertise, infrastructure, and oversight of accelerator-based isotope research and applications.

As a conduit for isotopes using our other accelerators, IAMI will foster innovation in a wide range of fields, including radiopharmaceutical development, accelerator research, and advanced isotope development. IAMI will secure British Columbia’s supply of critical medical isotopes, such as Technetium-99m, and act as a back-up producer and supplier of Fluorine-18 to BC Cancer. This additional production capacity will accommodate future expansion of its PET camera infrastructure.

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