Goal 4

Inspire Canadians to discover and innovate

Outcome: Greater access to STEM opportunities for all Canadians

Canada’s economic future depends on a myriad of brilliant, curious minds trained in the STEM disciplines. This means we must inspire, engage, and empower young Canadians —individuals from all backgrounds and communities — today!

The imperative to create knowledge and opportunity for all is embedded in TRIUMF’s mission:  discover and innovate, inspire and educate, creating knowledge and opportunity for all. Through public engagement, outreach, and storytelling, we connect with people across the country. We stimulate curiosity about the natural world and the power of technology, fostering creativity, inquiry, and scientific literacy. In this way, we can help prepare the next generation of problem-solvers, critical thinkers, discoverers, and innovators.

We will achieve this goal by:

  • Extending public engagement to communities across Canada
  • Communicating the value of science, technology, and innovation
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Outcome: New game-changing technologies that support business-led innovation and improve the lives of Canadians