Goal 5

Translate science and technology into innovation

Outcome: New game-changing technologies that support business-led innovation and improve the lives of Canadians

Canada’s high standard of living is increasingly dependent upon the knowledge economy. At TRIUMF we are increasing our efforts to drive and support innovation and commercialization. In particular, TRIUMF Innovations will translate our world-leading discoveries into new technologies and applications — applications that will help solve issues of national importance and generate social and economic benefits for Canadians as quickly as possible.

We recognize that successful commercialization can take many forms. Our flexible model and extensive network will allow us to work with a range of partners across the country. Together, we will explore creative ways to identify game-changing technologies across multiple verticals, transform them into innovative products, and bring them to market. Our long-term goal is to grow TRIUMF Innovations into a national commercialization centre.

We will achieve this goal by:

  • Commercializing technologies developed at TRIUMF
  • Harnessing our technologies to solve real-world problems
  • Connecting our network with opportunities in the private sector
  • Training the next generation of scientist-entrepreneurs
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Outcome: A stronger, more competitive Canada in discovery and innovation