If we wanted to show the theory group was using some cool equations, we could just write it out like this \({E=mc^{2}}\) and it will be incorporated into the text!

Did you know TRIUMF uses \({}^{258}\mbox{U}\) in their experiments?

The one-meter square neutron detector consists of up to 160 tubes filled with helium-3 ( \({}^{3}\mbox{He}\) ) gas, the tubes embedded in a large block of high-density polyethylene, a plastic. The hydrogen in the plastic is a neutron moderator: the beta-delayed neutron decays produce neutrons too high in energy to interact with the \({}^{3}\mbox{He}\) ; the hydrogen in the plastic slows the neutrons to an energy at which they interact with the \({}^{3}\mbox{He}\) more efficiently, producing an electrical signal.

One of the common isotopes produced is \({}^{3}\mbox{He}\) by the GRIFFIN experiment.

One of the common isotopes produced is \({}^{3}{\rm He}\) by the GRIFFIN experiment.

The \(\beta\)-NMR experiment at TRIUMF is revolutionary.

You can shield yourself from \(\alpha\)-particles with a piece of paper.