Ever since the invention of the microscope, scientists have been peering deeper and deeper into the world around us. During the past century, new and better techniques for looking inside materials have been found, including X-ray diffraction, electron microscopes and neutron scattering. Scientists at TRIUMF are using another technique to examine materials, called μSR (pronounced … Continued

Science Technology Facility

TRIUMF’s Science Technology Facility provides the expertise and specialized construction capacity for the design-to-installation creation of state-of-the-art particle detectors. The Science Technology Facility’s two dozen staff have contributed to the fabrication, in part or full, to more than a dozen detectors for subatomic particle and nuclear physics experiments based at TRIUMF and Canadian and international … Continued


At TRIUMF’s unique βNMR (beta-detected Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) facility, scientists are using radioactive isotopes to take inside-out, atomic-level snapshots to guide the way to new materials and medicines. βNMR (the Greek-letter β is pronounced ‘beta’) is a next-generation form of the better-known Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), one of the most important tools in science for characterizing … Continued