Accelerator Science

The ARIEL front-end and separator system

The ARIEL front-end is a complex switchyard consisting of more than 200 m of electrostatic beam lines designed to transport two rare isotope beams simultaneously from the new target stations to the ISAC experimental facilities in a vacuum of eleven orders of magnitude smaller than atmospheric pressure (10-8 Torr). The switchyard includes a new generation high resolution separator (HRS) system engineered to differentiate between two beams with a mass difference of only one part in twenty thousand. The HRS system, which is part of the CANREB project, includes two state-of-the art, 16-tonne magnetic dipoles manufactured with a field flatness of the order of one part in one hundred thousand and a unique multipole corrector that will remove any imperfection stemming from aberrations from a beam thinner than a sheet of paper (or 100 mm).