TRIUMF Campus Map

Overview of TRIUMF’s Scientific and Technical Infrastructure

This map provides an overview of TRIUMF’s main infrastructures, accelerators, and experimental facilities.

Most of the science program is enabled by the two main driver accelerators, the 520 MeV cyclotron and in the future the the e-linac. The 520 MeV cyclotron enables several science programs in parallel, with up to 4 extracted beams in parallel, once BL4N becomes operational as part of the ARIEL facility. In the Meson Hall it supports the Ultracold Neutron Facility, the MuSR program (M9, M20, M15 muon channels), as well as medical isotope production (STF, IPF), proton and neutron irradiations (PIF/NIF). The high energy proton beam is also used for rare isotope beam (RIB) production in ISAC and in the future ARIEL, which will also comprises a production target for the high power electron beam from the e-linac and RIB targets and delivery infrastructure. The RIBs from the ARIEL and ISAC targets are delivered to numerous experiments in ISAC-I, with low energy (<60 keV) and medium energy post-accelerated beams (<1.7 MeV/u), as well as high energy post-accelerated beams (up to 15 MeV/u for light ions) from the ISAC-II superconducting heavy-ion accelerator. The scientific program enabled by the RIBs spans from Nuclear Physics to Quantum Materials, and the Life Sciences.

The three BWXT cyclotrons and the TR-13 cyclotron are producing medical isotopes for commercial sales as well as the Life Sciences program.

The IAMI building will house the new TR-24 cyclotron and GMP certified radiochemistry laboratories for the growing Life Sciences program.

The Main Office building houses the laboratory administration, TRIUMF Innovations, Detector Facilities as well as the offices for scientists of various divisions, including the Theory Department. In addition several other areas of the campus house Detector Facilities for the design, construction, and testing of radiation detector systems for the in-house and off-site programs in Nuclear and Particle Physics as well as Materials Sciences. The Machine Shop is the main manufacturing centre on site.


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