520 MeV Cyclotron

TRIUMF’s 520 MeV cyclotron, one of the world’s largest cyclotrons, accelerates negative hydrogen ions to 75% the speed of light to produce intense proton beams for rare isotope production and a variety of other particle physics applications. The 18-meter diameter, clamshell-shaped 520 MeV cyclotron structure is iconic in design, construction, operation and scientific output. The … Continued


TRIUMF’s Proton Irradiation Facility (PIF) and Neutron Irradiation Facility (NIF) are among the world’s premier facilities for testing the radiation effects of protons and neutrons on electronic equipment.  Used annually by about nearly 50 companies, national laboratories and universities from a dozen countries, PIF & NIF enable these clients to evaluate whether their electronic equipment can stand up to real-world conditions.  Every … Continued