TRIUMF’s Superconducting Radiofrequency (SRF) facility is Canada’s only centre for the research, design, testing, and assembly of SRF accelerator technologies. Since 2000 the TRIUMF SRF team has collaborated with university research and laboratory partners worldwide, and designed, assembled and maintained TRIUMF’s two SRF accelerators, the ISAC-II Superconducting Heavy-Ion linear accelerator (SC-linac) and the ARIEL Electron … Continued

Machine Shop

TRIUMF’s state-of-the-art Machine Shop supports TRIUMF scientists and engineers in pushing the innovative limits of experimental design both at TRIUMF and in Canadian and international collaborations.  Entering TRIUMF’s rare isotope production and experimental facilities, visitors are struck by the fact that a particle physics laboratory resembles a huge industrial space, warehouse-sized rooms filled with hundreds … Continued