Applied Radioisotopes

Expanding TRIUMF’s isotope toolkit: therapeutic isotopes

TRIUMF’s accelerator infrastructure and expertise provides for a unique and fertile ecosystem for the development of isotopes for new medical applications. Over the past 5 years, the Life Sciences division has been working to expand its portfolio of isotopes beyond the traditional repertoire of positron- and gamma-emitting imaging isotopes to include a number of alpha-, beta- and Auger-emitting isotopes that can be used in therapeutic applications. Examples of isotopes recently produced for further study include 211At, 212,213Bi, 225Ac, 212Pb and 212Bi. Interests also include 227Th, 149Tb, 119Sb, 105Rh and 67Ga. To obtain these isotopes, the Life Sciences program at TRIUMF continues to exploit production capabilities on legacy (BL1A, TR-13 and ISAC) as well as future (ARIEL proton and electron beamlines, IAMI) infrastructure. With ready access to a broad repertoire of isotopes, TRIUMF scientists, along with their collaborators, will enable the production of new radiopharmaceuticals for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy (TRT).