Creating a Prosperous Future for Canadians

The pursuit of basic research creates ideas, inventions, and innovations that have powerful societal and economic impacts. TRIUMF is driving a prosperous future for Canadians.

TRIUMF contributes new technologies and stretches existing capabilities for:

  • Particle accelerators
  • Radiation detection and control
  • Signal processing and response
  • Medical imaging of brain diseases and cancerous tumours

In just the past five years, TRIUMF and AAPS Inc. have:

  • Treated 40 patients successfully for ocular melanoma
  • Provided more than 5,200 production runs of medical isotopes for the Pacific Parkinsons’ Research Program and the BC Cancer Agency
  • Launched 4 spin-off companies
  • Entered into 2 technology-transfer agreements with Canadian industry for development of new product lines
  • Developed cyclotron-based production of widely used isotope Tc-99m for commercialization
  • Generated $9.0M of commercial revenue largely from royalty agreements for production of medical isotopes, and industry fees for irradiation of aerospace and high-performance computing components
  • Achieved direct GDP impact of $424.9 million and a total GDP attributable to TRIUMF and AAPS of $941.1 million (10 years)
  • Generated more than 11,700 person years of employment (10 years)

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