Revealing the Hidden Nature of the Universe

TRIUMF empowers Canadians to participate in the most exciting research quests of our era. From the recipes by which the stars make chemical elements to the use of physics and chemistry to drive medical imaging for treatment and diagnosis of countless afflictions, TRIUMF pushes to advance knowledge – and this is critical for Canada’s success in a global, competitive world.

Quarks to Cosmos

The spectrum of TRIUMF’s research activities, from the quarks to cosmos.

How does TRIUMF measure its contribution to Canadian science excellence?

  • Peer-review scientific publications and citations
  • Invited presentations and lectures
  • International prizes and awards
  • Direct utilization of core scientific and technical capabilities

Over the past five years, TRIUMF has:

  • delivered more than 40,500 hours of beam time to about 3,000 scientists and students
  • expanded its scientific publication output from about 900 in 2003–2007 to more than 1,300, with more than 13,000 citations
  • contributed to Canada’s ranking as one of the top 3 most productive publishers of high impact papers in particle and nuclear physics – and is among the top 5
Accelerators Diagram

This wheel illustrates TRIUMF’s vision and research program.